See what some our students are saying:

Within 10 days of using the MELT Method, I was able to stop taking Tramadol, a pain medicine that I’ve been taking since 2008! My next goal is to get off of the anti-inflammatory drug that is eating away at the lining of my stomach. I’ve been dealing with foot pain since 2004. I had surgery in 2008 to fuse two joints in my left foot, 2015, doctors recommend 3 joint fusion on right foot – not going to do it! The majority of my joints in both feet are bone-on-bone. Started using the MELT Method on 3/19. I have less pain, less tightness, I can feel more of my foot on the floor. I can work all day, and come home and do yard work, which I could have never done before using the MELT Method!

– Brenda Settles

I was introduced to Everybody Pilates by my daughter 10 years ago when I moved to the Springfield area. I have been in classes there once or twice a week ever since. – Pilates is wonderful exercise that leaves you feeling strong and flexible. I feel much stronger, with better balance and greater flexibility, than I did 10 years ago. That’s saying a lot. I love the group classes but, when I had to have surgery a few years ago, Heather and Denise were able to provide private classes geared to my capabilities until I could work my way back. I love having those options available to me. I’m not an avid exerciser. Left to my own devices, I can find many reasons not to exercise. Knowing that Heather or Denise were expecting me to be at class at a certain time was great incentive to me to actually go to class. I need that little push to make sure I get the exercise I know I need.

– Karen Tracy

I have been attending classes twice a week at Everybody Pilates for over two years. What started as something that my wife and I could do together has turned into a necessity for me. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my core strength, balance, and flexibility. Denise is a great motivator, and does an outstanding job of mixing things up. So, we’re always learning something new. I am a firm believer in the benefits of Pilates, and highly recommend Everybody Pilates.

– Craig Trem

Five years ago I was driving home from Branson and saw the advertisement for Everybody Pilates on a billboard. I was 79 years old, diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and had tried several different exercise programs only to find myself injured and unable to continue.. I supposed I wasn’t suited for Pilates but I called anyway. I was surprised to find that Heather suggested an evaluative visit.

I came to the studio, bringing my aging and aching body. Heather determined she could work with me, and I’ve been going there ever since.

When people ask me why I go to Pilates, I usually answer that I like being stronger and pain-free. On my list of budget priorities the first two are food and shelter. The third is Pilates. As far as I’m concerned Pilates is a necessity.

Besides being a delightful person Heather is knowledgeable and carefully attentive to my individual needs.

    – Patricia A. Sundstrom, Ph. D.