Introductory Class: $35.00

A private, one hour session, scheduled at your convenience, to assess your needs, including a postural analysis and introduce you to Pilates and the equipment involved. This class is conducted one-on-one and is required before joining an ongoing group class.

Private Class: $70.00

One-on-OneOne private, one hour session, scheduled at your convenience.  The client works with the instructor on their individual needs and goals. This personal training class will be held in a separate studio with you and your instructor. A Private Class includes use of all Pilates equipment; a STOTT PILATES V2 Max Plus™ Reformer*, Tower, Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, and all small equipment to challenge your stability.

*US Patent No. 7857736, and other US and foreign patents pending.

Private 10-Classes: $625.00

Private 5-Classes: $325.00

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Reformer Pilates Class: $25.00 drop-in (packages available)

A Reformer Pilates class consists of 8 individuals to one instructor.  Classes work out on the Reformers and Mats with the incorporation of small equipment.

Pilates Mat Class: $15.00 drop-in (packages available)

Yoga/Pilates VIP Class: Free ($10.00 donation suggested)

This class is for special needs adults and special needs children. This is a MAT class, meaning all exercises will be performed on the floor on a mat. You can bring your own mat or use one of ours. This is a fun high energy class that mixes Pilates and Yoga. Students will benefit by increasing their flexibility, correcting postural imbalances, building core strength, focusing the mind, increasing balance, controlling the breath and slowing down. The VIP classes are on Mondays, at 3:15 for adults and 4:00 for kids. Call Heather with any questions and to get registered.

Melt Class: $70.00 (By appointment only)

We are so excited to be the first studio in Southwest Missouri to offer the MELT method. Do you suffer from chronic pain? Do you continue to exercise with no improvement? We have seen dramatic improvements in our own clients here at EveryBody Pilates with only one session.

Why should I MELT?

MELT quickly rehydrates connective tissue and allows the body to release long-held tension and stress that leads to chronic pain. MELT is easy to learn and offers results you will see and feel the first time you try it. Changes in alignment, flexibility, energy, mood, and performance occur with only a few sessions. Best of all, your body feels great long after you MELT! The results that MELT provides were previously available only through ongoing, costly hands-on therapies. Now you can be your own Hands-off Bodyworker and be in control of your own health. Click the link below for more information.

Contact Denise if you would like to learn more about the MELT method.

MELT was featured on Doctor Oz:

TRX Boot Camp

TRX suspension training uses a unique piece of equipment to perform hundreds of exercises that build strength, core stability, power, flexibility and balance. Be ready to sweat! Contact the studio for specific requirements.